LET'S HIT THE BEACH! A Day Trip to Kuebang Lampas

I looked forward to hit the beach last summer season, but we do not have time and enough money to do a long personal travel; so we look for a way to go out of town within our budget.

I'm a member of a Facebook group named DIY Travel Philippines. Upon browsing, I stumble upon a travel event that is offering what we are looking for. Langyaw ni Lottie offers a day trip out of town going to Pagbilao Quezon's, Kuebang Lampas.
For less than PHP700, the day trip already includes round trip van and boat transfer, cottage, drinking water with ice, and environmental and entrance fee. Food is on the joiners account. 

Upon confirming our slot, we pay half the amount for our reservation. The meeting place was in Cubao at 2am and we depart from Manila at almost 3 o'clock in the morning.

Upon arrival to the drop off point around 9am, we ride a bangka across a lake going to the island proper and walk for about 10 mins going to the main beach.


The place was not too crowded that day according to Miss Thess (one of the organizer).

They provide cottage and after settling we ate our baon and changed to our swimming clothes.

After eating, we secure our things and head over to the cave, the rock path going to the cave was sharp and pointy aside from it's slippery.


This part is the cave entrance.

You could also swim on the other side of the cave, we did not try it because the water is too deep and also it is an open ocean.

We took some photo ops and a quick dip to the water. 

It was too crowded inside and the sun is too hot so we decide to go back to the cottage and  mingle with other joiners.

After eating lunch around 1:30pm we head over to the sand bar. Additional 100 pesos per person for the boat ride. We're supposed to check the Borawan and Dampalitan but the organizer was informed by the locals that the place was full of jelly fish that time.

The small opening on the side is cave entrance.

Off we go!

We ride bangka for 30mins. The view was so amaamag, the wave is not too harsh and the water was so clear.

I rent that waterproof camera BTW.
I really enjoyed the sand bar. It was not yet visible when we arrive but the water level is just enough to swim while waiting.
Water was not too cold, crystal clear and  the sun is not shining too bright. 
Solo namin ang lugar! We also look for starfish and yay!! we found a lot!

 Also found some baby sea urchins. 

The wheater is so perfect and calm


The clear blue water, the sky, sun and the white sand. Such a perfect God wonderful creation indeed! So happy to spend the day with my honey.

We get back at the beach around 4pm. We rinse with fresh water cost 50 pesos per pale somewhere around 10 L of water. There are shower room provided by the beach's caretaker.

Around 5pm we head back to Manila. Back to reallity! A day full of fun and relaxation. 

LANGYAW NI LOTTIE organize different trip. You may want to check them out!

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How was your summer so far? Share your thoughts! Thank you for dropping by!



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