Wattpad and Jollibee presents Heartwarming Kwentong Jollibee Stories

Last September 7, 2016 - Jollibee, the country’s number one fast food chain together with a digital advertising partner AdSpark launch their first 3 heart felt stories through Wattpad the global multiplatform entertainment company. Their aim is to take Filipino culture and storytelling to a global audience. The partnership takes off from the successful and well-received Kwentong Jollibee digital campaign that was launched early this year and has since tugged at the heartstrings of many Filipinos.

 L-R: Ms. Arline Adeva, Ilyn Danganan, Jollibee ^^ , Tina Lata, Bianca Bernardino

The stories developed for Kwentong Jollibee on mobile are written by the famous writer in Wattpad. One Thing Remains by Ilyn Danganan, Memory Lane by Bianca Bernardino, and By Chance of Fate by Tina Lata. Each story targets different age groups of interest, but showcases the Filipino culture as being kind, hospitable and joyful. As in the digital campaign that inspired these Wattpad stories, Jollibee played a role in the lives of the characters as they went through their own personal journeys.

One Thing Remains is the story of Carlo and Chesca, two inseparable siblings whose relationship is tested when Chesca becomes too occupied with her new life as a college student.

Memory Lane is a story about Mariel and Marco, a couple who decide to separate on their 58 th monthsary. They accidentally meet again, and the nostalgia of their past relationship is too compelling to ignore.

Chance of Fate tells the compelling story about a grandfather named Gilbert, who fears of returning to his favorite restaurant where he first met his first love, Lydia.

 Arline Adeva
PR Director & Head of Kids Marketing
Jollibee Foods Corporation

“Jollibee is proud to continue to be a part of Filipinos’ lives for generations. We offer not just great tasting food but joyful moments that bring families and friends closer. With a lot of stories that were inspired by the everyday scenes we are witnessing in our Jollibee stores, we found the perfect partner in Wattpad to help capture and share these moments via traditional storytelling.. Truly our customers will be able to relate and enjoy the three stories crafted by three of the most talented Wattpad writers,” said Jollibee Philipines Brand Communications and PR Director Arline Adeva.

To further capture the different kinds of bonding moments that Filipinos have shared inside Jollibee stores, Jollibee invited the Wattpad community to share their own Kwentong Jollibee in this modern and convenient platform. Each of the user-generated stories reflects Jollibee’s role in making memorable moments with their loved ones. Special Jollibee awards will be given to the nine chosen winners at the SMX Convention Center on September 18, 2016 as part of Wattpad’s much awaited annual writing contest --The Wattys.

Miss Bela Gupta D'Souza
CEO of AdSpark
(Wattpad's Exclusive Partner in the Philippines)

AdSpark, a wholly owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom specializing in mobile-first digital marketing solutions, is the official advertising partner for Wattpad in the Philippines.

 Photo Opt with Jollibee

Read the three stories with your desktop or mobile device by downloading the Wattpad app on Google Play or Apple App Store or by visiting www.wattpad.com/user/Jollibee .



  1. What a fun event!! Would love to attend something like this!!


  2. This is cute! Jollibee has been a Filipino favorite for decades and glad that they are also sharing inspiring stories! Bidang bida ang saya!

  3. Interesting! So, Jollibee is extending its marketing efforts by publishing stories in WATTPAD too. I love Jollibee! -Jen

  4. My students are Wattpad obsessed, while I haven't tried reading there. I would prefer novels and thick books than those. But in an event with Jollibee, I wouldn't think twice of attending.

  5. Sounds like a very fun event. I never heard of a fast food chain to invest in books before. That's a really nice touch, especially with the children.

  6. Ooh, interesting will definitely check these stories out on Wattpad... :)

  7. Lately, I've been loving Jollibee's commercials that tells a story -- the one with the old couple, the crew and her grandma, and more. It just makes sense that they partner with Wattpad!

  8. I haven't read Wattpad stories for so long already! I was a fanatic back then but I lost interest when so many non-sense copycat stories came popping up. This newest venture by Jollibee just made me want to install the Wattpad app again on my phone! Jollibee has always been a part of every Filipino's lives and it's really nice reading people's experiences through wonderful stories.

    xx, wanderingella.com

  9. wattpadd has becoming a great platform for writers and it is so nice that their works are now being embraced by different form of media.. it is also nice that Jolibee is encouraging aspiring writers to tell their stories

  10. It's unusual for me but hey, food and stories. Why not? 😉 Now to find those stories on wattpad

  11. Another step from Jollibee. I'm sure lots of wattpad readers will read this. Knowing that this is Jollibee, I'm sure the stories are relatable especially for Filipinos. But srsly, this make me crave for a chicken joy right now. hehe!

    Living in the Moment | www.maayalegaspi.com

  12. Awwww! I love Jollibee eversince I was a kid! It's great that they are having an event like this.


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