I've been craving for a green tea frappe or a milk tea for days, but refusing to get one because I’m trying to lose some weight. And thinking of how many calories will that cost me makes me cringe and say no.

Good thing GO! Salads store is just located on the ground floor of our office building. A healthy alternative in the most tempting fast food joints around the area.

And so, I tried one of their bestseller smoothies, the Breakfast. It is a concoction of Apples, Bananas, Cinnamon, Oats, Coco sugar, Chia Seeds, Greens and Soy milk. A balanced meal all in one drink! As expected, the flavor of banana plus soy milk overpower the taste of the drink, but it was good 'coz I don't like oats. You can still feel the texture of the ingredients but the creaminess of the drink remains. It is delightful and perfect for pre-workout and/or post workout meal that can give you a boost of energy for the day.

Out of the seven (7) smoothies, their most filling drink is the Breakfast and the Guzzlers - combination of banana, sugar free peanut butter, spirulina, coco sugar, soy milk and greens , but if you are looking for some light but still sweet and satisfying you may opt to try their Simple Maple - mango, apple, coco sugar and greens. It is really worth it considering the size (one size only; 32oz) and the price ( Php 120.00) of the smoothies.
I also tried their freshly brewed cold tea. The Vanilla Lemongrass Tea (cost Php 40), honestly it taste like the samalamig (cold Filipino slush drink ). The freshness of the drink makes it more enjoyable.

They open their store, April this year and started to be patronized by most of the employees. They offer different selection of foods that is made from all natural, organic and freshly farm picked ingredients.

They have this cute little chair and an extension table on the side of the kiosk for the costumer.
This small store offers not only salad, they also have green smoothies, healthy snacks, sandwiches, soup, and of course the dessert

Their salad has 9 varieties to choose from, it cost Php 120 each. It was nicely packed in a reusable and microwaveable takeout container to seal the freshness of the veggies and perfect for storage (in case you can't finish everything in one sitting,which I doubt :D). They also offer bottled salad dressing which you could use to make your own salad at home for Php 200.

The snacks which are Pita Bread pair with Hummus mix with different herb and spices; and soup like Roasted Tomato Basil Cream and Squash Soup.

There are 5 selections for their sandwich (Php 140), Chicken Chorizo, BBQ Chicken, Balsamic Mushroom Chickpea, Eggplant Tuna Curry and Chicken Kebab; all are made using Whole Wheat and Malunggay Ciabatta bread.

And who say's dessert can't be healthy. They have this sugar free and whole wheat treats. Red velvet Cupcake, Sea Salted Chocolate Cupcake and Whole Wheat Brownie.

I love their display chiller. Lakas maka sosyal :D



  1. Go Salad is right up my alley, I need to look it up and see if they have it in my state because the smoothie looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I never heard of Go Salad store before, These salads smoothies look amazing! I agree it is a great healthy alternative to fast food!

  3. whoever wants to be organic in meals should go for this salad smoothies I recommend.. great combination and perfect replacement it is.


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