Process of Application | Renewal of Philippine Passport

DFA passport application and renewal process has been much easier. They made it more systematic and organized. This time you just have to complete 4 steps.


From: DFA Passport Appointment System

First time Applicant

  • Personal appearance
  • Confirmed appointment
  • Duly accomplished application form - may be downloaded from DFA Website
  • Birth Certificate (BC) issued by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
  • Valid picture IDs (Goverment issued IDs,Company ID, Alumni ID)

Passport Renewal

  • Personal appearance
  • Confirmed appointment
  • Duly accomplished application form - may be downloaded from DFA Website
  • Most recent expiring or expired passport
  • Valid picture IDs (Goverment issued IDs,Company ID, Alumni ID)



Upon arrival on the DFA Megamall Office. The guard and/or facilitator will check your application if your schedule was right. You will then proceed to the first step which is the verification. They will attached Passporting steps checklist and let you proceed on the Processing.



There are 11 windows open for the processing. First 3 window is for the priority lane for senior citizen and person with disabilities. And the last window is for those who are returning applicants. 

Facilitator will check your requirements upon reaching the first row.  They will advise you to photocopy everything. Photocopy service is available at the back. Beside is the Notary public if you need some papers to be notarized.
The process was easy and fast. The DFA officer will check the paper and ask you to read and sign a waiver in case the passport has been delayed. They will ask you which service are you going to avail - rush passport processing, it will take 7-10 working days for Php1200 or the regular processing which will cost you Php 950 and may be delivered or will be available for pick-up in 15-18 working days.


I choose the later. He gave me a receipt and inform me that he will then tampered my old passport. After that, I proceed with the next step which is the payment.

I proceed on the next window. The line was starting to build up, there is only one window open. But upon knowing that the line was starting to get longer the cashier immediately hassle.



The last step is the encoding. There are 10 cubicles for the encoding; 3 seats each cubicle. The DFA officer will ask you to hand them the papers/requirements for the encoding of your passport renewal or application.

Lastly they will take your passport photo. There is guidelines posted in each cubicle in which you need to remove your eyeglasses, contact lens (if colored), heavy make-up (false eyelashes), necklace and earrings. Wear something that will not show off your shoulder. Double-check all the details before signing in any confirmation.



For those who want to received their passport through delivery they may do that on Step E. Pay the amount of Php 150 and fill-up forms to where you want your passport to be delivered.

For pickup, their office is available weekdays only 10am -5pm  

And your done! You will be asked to fill out the client feedback form at the encoding area. Please do so and rate how was your experience with them.

Over all, this is my first time applying for a passport, since the first one is from the Mobile passport, I experience an excellent and quality service. Kudos to the DFA!

Location: DFA SM Megamall
Schedule Time: 10am - 11am



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