BeautyMNL Shopping Experience + Mini Haul!

Lucky me!

I have been MIA for quite a while now but BeautyMNL contacted me and ask if I would like to give it a try to shop on their online store and share with you my shopping experience.


BeautyMNL is an online beauty source in the Philippines that caters over 300+ brands of high-end, drugstore, local, Western and Korean makeup and skincare product plus accessories and tools. They have different section for your specific needs and wants. Really perfect for makeup and skincare lovers who love and enjoy shopping on the comfort of their home.



This is the first time I tried ordering in BeautyMNL, but always curious on how was the service and their product pricing.

I created my account as it is one of the requirements in proceeding with the checkout for the order. The site was very easy to navigate and also user friendly. The only thing that you will be having trouble is picking which item are you going to put in your cart. Since they have a wide variety of products to choose from. Plus! they offer free shipping when you purchase the required minimum amount. Also the list of sale and promo items are endless.

After deciding which item to buy, I then proceed to the checkout page and enter the details required to process your order. Make sure to process your order once you completed the required transaction. Most of the items are easily sold out, specially on the sale items.

What's good with BeautyMNL is that they have different mode of payment such as debit/credit card, Paypal, bank deposit and COD! How cool is that! If you are not comfortable with paying online using your card, you could use their bank deposit and COD, but take note that you need to provide authorization if you would ask someone to received it.

After completely and successfully placing your order, you just have to wait for 24hrs before it will be delivered to your address. Mine arrived for less that 24hrs!


Aside from online shopping, they are giving out opportunity to share your experience with the product you purchase in their Beauty by You section. In exchange of your review and feedback they will give you credits that can be used to purchase new product.


Plus you can browse their in-house magazine Bloom. It is filled with the freshest news daily from beauty and makeup up to the cheapest beauty finds. You can also check on other tips and tricks that could help you achieve the young and beautiful you.


My mini haul was separated by two order due to minor site glitch, sad thing about that is that I payed 2x the shipping fee which supposed to be free. The good side is that I received twice the freebies. Still not bad.

I'm planning to create a makeup look, that's why I opt to order this Pro 24 All in One Palette in Mod Style that is almost complete from eyeshadow up to the blush and contour.

I thought the look won't be complete without a foundation so I got myself the new Maybelline Fit Me! Matte Poreless Liquid Foundation which is also on sale. And the Detail Silicon sponge that is highly recommended as per the customer reviews.

So there you have it! 

On the final though, if you want a fast and trustworthy service, authentic product that is available locally and abroad, "sulit" makeup and skincare product that is effective and reliable go ahead and check out BeautyMNL. And I assure you, you will keep coming back for more. And will never get enough of the items you purchase. 

Facebook: BeautyMNL
Instagram: @beautymnl

'Till the next review! Thank you for dropping by!



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