Today marks the 2nd day of the garage sale that was conducted by one of the largest sports apparel distributors in the Philippines the Toby's Sport. All items are marked down up to 70%OFF for real!

My boyfriend already lined up 6am in the morning so we will be first in the line when the warehouse open at 10am. He was number 11 when he arrived at the location.

They set up tents for the first 20 people in queue who will enter the warehouse. I arrive at the depot 25 mins before they open (I'm from a night duty). They have a priority lane for all the PWD, Pregnant women and Senior Citizen. They will provide you with an ID tag of Toby’s that you need to wear inside of the premises. (Not able to take a lot of pictures because I'm so excited)

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They divide the warehouse into two sections. In the left section you will find the different  accessories, apparel, gear, and other brand of shoes such as Brooks and Anta. 

Right section will be your main target. The Nike and Adidas shoe section. It was separated by a barrier for the line of people and the shoes. Twenty five persons will enter the barrier and they will be given 15 minutes to choose. After choosing the committee will give the customer half of the pair with the box. Upon paying you will show your receipt on the releasing area and they will give you the other pair of the shoes.


Useful tips and some notes to remember. If you want to get the shoes or sports gear that you want.

(1) Arrive at the venue early.
(2) Take note that there will be a priority line.
(3) Do not bring big bags. If you need to, you have to leave it on their baggage counter at the back of the building. 
(4) Take note of the things you want to buy.
(5) You can pay cash or card at the cashier.
(6) Smaller sizes have a limited design so be early.
(7) Wear the most comfy clothes you could get.
(8) Bring some socks for your shoe fitting.
(9) If you're late, prepare yourself for the long line. Bring an umbrella.
(10) They provide water. But limited disposable cups.
(11) Not sure if they have comfort room for the customer, but the nearest one will be at the gasoline station in front of the depot.

Price range of the shoes is Php 500 - 4000. Apparel like singlet, jersey, t-shirt and jacket, short, pants, rushguards and swimsuit ranges from Php 100 - 1500. They also have for sale exercising equipment and weights, it was isplayed outside of the warehouse, price is from Php 1000-7000. Gears like, basketball, tennis racket, badminton racket, football and billiards are also on sale, Php 500 - 1500.

How to get here:

From Edsa

Ride a jeep going to Pasig Palengke. Two options, (1) you can drop by Rotonda and ride a tricycle going to C. Raymundo, just tell the driver to drop you at Toby's warehouse ; (2) drop by Palengke and ride another jeep going to Tramo.

From Cubao
Ride a jeep going to Rosario. From Rosario, ride another jeep going to Tramo/Palengke tell the driver to drop you at Toby's warehouse. You will see big tarp of Toby's in front of Quorum Centre.

EVENT DATE: JULY 28-31, 2016
TIME: Opens 10am - 6pm
LOCATION: Quorum Centre along C. Raymundo Ave. in Pasig City

For more details follow Toby's Sports on Facebook. They are active and answers all the question promptly.

See some of my snaps and loots here!


Brooks Singlet
ADIDAS BOOST Running Shoes
WAVE PHENOM Basketball

Hope you also have a great loot. How's your experience? Don't hesitate to leave your questions and comments below! Thank you for checking my page. Enjoy the Sale!



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