Best Pizza in Canada is here in the Philippines: STEVESTON PIZZA

I'm a self-confessed Pizza Lover myself and the endless craving for Pizza trigger me to throw my bashfulness out of the window and joined at the invitation of my friend in a food tasting event.
Steveston Pizza Philippines are the official licensee of Steveston Pizza Canada. Their name was derived from a fishing port Village in Vancouver Canada.
Their branches in the Philippines are located at the UP Town Center, Tomas Morato, and Circuit Lane. Last July 2016, they opened their newest store in the Corinthians Garden Club House.

With my college friend and mommy blogger Lady Anne of

Every corner of the restaurant is - I must say - Instagram worthy, the design of the place was perfectly well thought out. Soothing music gave that clean and relaxing ambiance.
The ideal air conditioning system, convenient parking space and high speed wifi make the place perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon with your family and/or friends to hang out.
At first I though it's just a regular pizza parlor like the usual; but everything I expect was instantly vanished after entering the restaurant of Steveston Pizza. Steveston took great pride and care in a way they individually hand crafted each pizza, one pizza at a time, constantly attentive to the poetry of the pizza. The process takes a little bit than the usual, but it is definitely all worth it.
Mr. Richard Go, CEO of Steveston Pizza Philippines Corp.

Mr. Richard Go, ecstatically told us the achievement the Steveston Pizza. It holds the Guinness Book of World record for the Most Expensive Pizza in the world; at a hefty price of $850 (P40k), SeeNay is a pizza cake covered in tiger prawns, lobster ratatouille, smoked Chilean steelhead, Russian caviar and then snowed with Italian white truffles. (sounds so delectable!) Steveston Pizza Canada has been voted "BEST PIZZA in Vancouver" consistently from 2007-2015, and COUNTING!

F-B: Blue, Princess, Japanese, Caveman

They have 30 variants of creatively formulated pizza by Nader Hatami, chef and owner of Steveston Pizza. And we've got to try 5 of their best sellers. The white Bocconcini, a light mozarella cheese, placed at the center of their pizza is their unique pizza signature. Their proprietary pizza-crust recipe is the reason their pizza crust is light, fluffy, and chewy. Steveston Pizza will guarantee you that it will not be greasy and certainly taste better when you devour the pizza with your bare hands rather than with a table knife and fork.
Part of Marguerite Tree line, this 12inch round pie is topped with a generous amount of roasted garlic, anchovies, caramelized onions, capers, arugula and lather with fresh tomato. The savory taste of mozzarella cheese with the saltiness of anchovies creates a perfect feisty burst of flavor.

Princess; Photo credit to
The most expensive on their signature premium pizza. This meal is definitely one fit for royalty The enormous toppings made it perfectly fit for its name. Enrich with finest crab meat, cheese, shrimp, diced tomatoes, basil, sockeye salmon and tiger prawns, the taste of this seafood combo spark a mouth explosion. The pleasant savory, salty taste of this pizza is definitely the crowd favorite.

BLUE, P899
Don't be deceived with the name, don't expect to get a colorful blue pizza, nah just kidding.. Blue Pizza is part of the Colour Pizza. It is made with rosemary smoked bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms, baby fresh spinach and Stilton blue cheese mousse. The blue cheese lover would absolutely enjoy this pizza. That sharp and salty taste of the cheese makes a perfect harmony with the sweetness of the onion and the smokiness of bacon.

If you want to experience the taste of the famous food on the different country, you can choose on their Journey line. Mr. Go, have us to taste their Japanese pizza. This is a no tomato base pizza topped with wasabi scented teriyaki chicken breast, enoki mushrooms, and sesame seaweeds. A combination of sweet and the umami taste. No hint of wasabi at all! This one is my favorite! I'm a big fan of Japanese food and the taste suits my liking very well.

If your an all meat lover, then Caveman is the Pizza matched made for you! This all time favorite pizza is made with pepperoni, bacon, lean beef and capocollo, you will just want to slam down your elbows on the table and guzzle the dish with your bare hands! It's the most filling pizzas and a comfort food that will brighten up your day.

Aside from the mouthwatering delectable pizza, they also serve delicious smoothies and drinks. Like Apple Cider (hot or cold) which is imported from Canada 🇨🇦. 
Salted Caramel, P169, Mango Passion, P169

Cold Apple Cider, P129; Coffee Mocha, P129

Choco Milkshake, P169; Affogato, P199
I ordered and try their Choco Milkshake and it's my favorite! YUM! The balance of sweetness of the chocolate and creaminess makes me want for more!

Avocado-Langka-Strawberry; Salted Caramel-Matcha Tea-Mocha Hazelnut
P139 for Trio

And of course their home-made ice cream made fresh from real fruit and high quality ingredients is the BOMB! All of them are ugh!! So yummy!! I'm ecstatic just thinking the taste of that ice cream makes me drool.Their flavors are true to themselves. My favorite is the Matcha green tea and avocado flavor! (I'm feeling hyper right now)


On the final note, my craving was not suffice... This pizza will make you want for more. We went home with a full tummy and satisfied taste buds. So, if you are tired of the usual and want to try something new, check out and try the Steveston Pizza.

Value for money? A bit pricey, yes, but the quality and the quantity of the toppings and other ingredients used in the pizza is so sulit! Check now the branch near you!

Madrigal Ave. Corinthian Garden Clubhouse, QC
Ground Floor, UP Town Center, Diliman, QC
Circuit Lane AP Reyes Ave., Makati City
186 Tomas Morato cor Sct De Guia, QC

M-Th: 10AM-10PM; F-Su: 9AM-11PM
Delivery Number: (02)423-98-44

FACEBOOK: Steveston Pizza
INSTAGRAM: Steveston Pizza PH



  1. This is an awesome review.. I wish we had some of these amazing pizzas here. The seafood one looks incredible!

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  5. What a great mixture of ingredients to put on the pizza. The pictures are all so inviting. I would live to try this. I love a good milkshake too, but it is so filling I dont think I could have both at the same time.

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  7. I didn't even know Steveston was Canadian. But I have tried their pizza and loved it. It smells so fresh because of the herbs used. Plus, they also have a lot of promos!

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  21. I'm also a self-proclaimed pizza junkie! We actually made pizza last night and I'm eating the leftovers for breakfast. But I much prefer my homemade ones compared to going out! I've never heard of seaweed on a pizza before - sounds interesting!

  22. I have eyes on these pizza parlor in UP Town Center but I never went anyway because I don't know the brand. Seeing your photos made me crave for pizza and curious about it too. The pizzas look good and the flavors are unique. I defintiely want to try that Princess!!

  23. You're so lucky to have tried it. Huhu! We're always seeing their UP Town branch but not really tried it because it's expensive. But I guess because of this blog post, might try it as well. you will really get your money's worth.

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