Gypsy Chic

Yearly our company celebrate the Christmas Party inline with the Thanksgiving in America. This time our theme was inspired with Coachella and Music Festival. 

Prior to the announcement of the theme, my friend from HR already inform me about it, I think it was 2months ahead of time, and the time pass by so fast, I just realize that I only have 2weeks left to think about my outfit.

 I looked and was decided to wear a maxi skirt and crop top. I found this style-spiration on Google and decided to try and copy it.

  • Materials Gathering 

I don't want to spend too much for the party, so, to save money I decided to go to Divisoria, to buy the materials I need to create this masterpiece. I did my homework and research where to buy fabric. I found out that the name of the street is ILAYA, but on the opposite side (not on the side where they sell fabrics for curtains and bed sheet) thanks to the lady who informed me that I'm on the wrong street and guide me to go on the other side. 
Upon crossing and walking on the street, I felt cheated because there are no vendor of fabric that I was looking for. My bad, it was the first building on the corner of the street. Do not be deceive with the looks of the building and stall, they are selling high quality fabric in a very cheap price. You can buy wholesale or retail.

And so, I bought this two lovely fabric. For my skirt and top. Lucky me, I found the perfect print and color for the coachella party!

 Skirt and top ✓ 

For the belt I check out the streets where you can buy your costume needs, party supply and all types of canister & bottles. I found this shop who sells different type of cord. I found this tassel and waist band perfect color to contrast with the skirt.


 Belt ✓ 

For the accessories, I choose to look around in the 999 and 168 because it was too hot outside. I bought flash tattoo (Php 35 / .75¢), Choker (Php 50 / $1), and two bracelet (55 Php/ $1)

I also found this store where they sell Nike T-shirt. Only for Php 120 / $2. The store is located at 168 mall on the ground floor.

  •  Procedure
My mother-in-law sew everything. The skirt was easy but the top is the most difficult part for us especially the sleeves. We use my swimsuit top as the base and also to serve as the padding, she stitched it on to the sides making sure that it will still be flowy and not just the typical tube style. It took us 4hrs to finish everything.

  •  Final look

I made my own makeup and hairstyle, and came up with this look.  

  • Event Pictures

Happy to be with my team!



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