Berrisom "oops!" MY BROW TATTOO PACK

What makes your makeup look on-point? As for me, a well done eyebrows make anyone's makeup look so put up. As most of the girls say, "KILAY IS LIFE"

Eyebrow tattoo is the current trend of makeup here in my country right now. Everyone wants to have that kilay goals. But the perfect kilay comes in a perfectly high price. So for a budgetarian like me, I think I would just look for a product that would be capable of making my brows look well done, and stick with it.

On the hunt of the best brow products, that is cheap and will perform well, I found this brow product that is also currently on trend in beauty world popularize by Koreans.

The peel off brow gel promise to give some of the things brow tattoo offer in much acceptable price. A long lasting, waterproof, smudge proof brows.
Let me give you my thoughts about it in this review.

My brows are thick and spares. I'm still scared to groom it so I choose to be safe and remove only those that are out of place.

I am not really great on my making my eyebrows, but as they say, "practice makes perfect" and I think I'm getting there. Here is the regular situation of my brows before the application of the gel. (So excited, did not remember to take pictures).

I got my Berrisom's My Brow Tattoo Pack in Latte Brown in a Korean group's flash sale SaeliYuriMelissaLee's All About Korean Cosmetics and Skin Care for only PHP280 original price is PHP400. (Check them out! You can get the best skin care essentials in that group!).

Here's what the packaging looks like:

It has a small brush applicator. The product is sticky gel type. The tube has a stopper that prevent the product from sticking to the wand.

I apply it according to the shape of my brows, like so. (BTW, I was at the office). It dries pretty fast and I thought it was ready to be peel-off.

You're supposed to leave it for 2hrs but I did not do it because I need to attend to some employees and do my job. I decide to remove it after 30mins.

The peeling process is not that smooth. I was afraid to continue, but no choice and do so. Some of my brow hair sticks to the dried gel, but nothing much damage has done.

After 30 mins...
It just stain my brow a little bit, but nothing much to it. I'm from night shift so when I went home, it's already hot outside and I need to run some errands. I went to a thrift market in Pasig. Aside from it's hot, the market is crowded and sweaty. When I reached home, I check out my brows and the color fade a little due to sweat.

I will attend to an event that day so I decide to re-apply it after washing my face. This time I applied more gel, so it will be thicker and much easier to remove.

I leave the MY BROW TATTOO PACK  for almost 1hr & 30 mins.  This time the peeling went smoothly and no tugging at all; also no more eyebrow hair fall. After peeling, here's what it looks like.

After I bathe and did my makeup...

During the event...

The morning after applying tons of skincare product night after. It still looks so pretty?

Here are my final thoughts:
 It will last longer if you leave the product longer on your eyebrows. It makes my brow look natural and somehow match the color of my hair on the end. It's a steal for me because I got mine on sale. Should I repurchase it? YES but... if only I can get it the at a sale price. You need a tons of patience, it is time consuming but will leave you good result in the end.

+ Last longer than usual product
+ Smudge proof / Waterproof 
+ Dries up pretty fast

- Application is time consuming
- Offer only two shades (Mocha Brown and Latte Brown)
- Available online

Value for Money

Are you Kilay addict also? Share your thoughts and ask question! Hope you enjoy my review.. Thanks for dropping by!



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