DINNER IN THE DARK - Explore Your Senses! Open Your Eyes for the Blind

After the walking tour we went back to the assembly hall. We wait for a moment then have an orientation about what we are about to experience that night.

Our eyes were blindfolded and the organizer help us fall inline. Upon entering the dinner hall, we were guided by Kuya Froilan, one of the visually impaired who help the guest to their sit.

With Kuya Allan

A soft christian song is playing in the background. We waited for the other guest to settle. I don't have any idea who's seating aside me but I felt that I was on the last seat because of the wall and I can peek through the blindfold that there was a dim glimpse of light beside me.

Entrance to the Dinner Hall

We were briefed on where our food and utensils are located, we use clock reference system. Then told us to remove our blindfold and start eating. I tried to locate it with my finger tips and start digging it. We ate paella, hardinera, onion crusted bacon and silvanas for dessert. Our drink is in bottle so it's safe from spilling.

According to our host we have been eating for about 45 mins and it feels like I was just starting because I can feel that my plate is still full of foods.After the dinner guest those who guess the food right and the cleanest plate will take home a special prize.

Honestly, I'm just looking forward in an exciting experience. I never thought that this event will somehow change my perspective in life.I never imagine that it would be that hard because I'm used to eat with low light when we don't have electricity but it was different this time around knowing what is the purpose of the experience.

Lucky for us, we still have the ability to see even if it's just a silhouette, I can't imagine how hard it is for them knowing that they can't see anything. After some reflection, we were introduced to those people who assisted us all throughout the experience. This person, fight with determination and faith in God all throughout their life journey and they made us realize that we should take care of what we have and share the blessings to those who are in need.

All the proceeds of this event will go to the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines. Donations made that night will help the foundation that Kuya Froilan is a member of.

Catch this special dinner offer from 5-8pm (including pre-dinner orientation) on these following dates:
November 05 - Residence Inn in Tagaytay
November 12 - Zoobic Safari in Subic
November 15 - Misono Restaurant in Jupiter Street Makati
November 17 - Jinsei Japanese Restaurant in Vivere Hotel
November 21 - Midori Japanese Restaurant in Alabang

November 24 - Metro Ruins in Metropolitan Makati
November 26 - Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark, Pampanga
December 03 - Zooper Cruise, Pasig River Cruise

For tickets and more information please contact the Zoomanity Group at (02) 889-98-24 to 28, (02) 895-71-42, 09158904728 or email zoomanitygroup@gmai.com



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