Zoobic Night Safari 2016 - Saturday Night Just Go Wild!

This is my first time to go to Subic and write about a travel experienced consist of two joint events. At first I was hesitant because it is my first time event with Tag Media but when I saw the banner, it makes me excited and curious about it.

Straight from work, I went directly to the meetup place in Zoomanity's Office in Makati . We hit the road with my fellow bloggers and organizer around 1pm. Travel time took us almost 3hrs, a dizzy zigzag road going up to the forest where you will find the Zoobic Safari. 

First we took our miryenda and headed to the ticketing building. This is where we wait for the orientation and other guest before we proceed with the Zoobic Night Safari tour. 

After 30mins of waiting, we started our walking tour. First, we visited the Serpentarium - a wild encounter with snakes, lizards and iguanas. According to our Safari guide all the snakes they have are non-venomous. Next, we check out the Zoobic Park, where you can find the lair of the Liger and Camel and other types of nocturnal wild animals locally and from other countries. Mini Petting Zoo where you can take your pictures and touch the animals like Donkey, Horskey, Miniature Horses and Donkey on a regular Zoobic Safari visit. And different birds where you could find flying around the area.

After the walking tour we went back to the assembly hall. We wait for a moment then have an orientation about our one of a kind "Dinner in the Dark"

After dinner, we watch the Night Safari Show. We enjoyed a different and bolder show specially prepared for the nights entertainment by the staff and crew of Zoobic Safari. 

There was an animal parade, light show and fire dance. Everyone was amaze with the spectacular and explosive presentation.

Aside from this Night Safari also includes Tiger Safari, an enclosed safari jeep ride that will take you to the tigers' natural habitat,Croco Loco - a crocodile lair where you will have a chance to feed them.

You will also experience the Enchanted Forest where you can take a walk together with the greyhound dog and follow the night trail. The Lion Safari, Zoobic Cave and Forbidden Cave are also included.

However, we were not able to experience the latter part because of the time and schedule. Nevertheless, I enjoyed all the experience, thanks to #TagMedia and Zoomanity Group for this wonderful and memorable night. 

Experience the wild weekend nights and see the nocturnal time of the animal kingdom. For inquiries, you may contact (02) 899-95-95 loc 344 ; (02) 899-98-28 loc 24; 0917-8351111.



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